Daily Gaming Update December 28th

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As we near the end of the post holiday coma, we've got some news both big and small for you today.  There's everything from Pokemon trailers to Uncharted 3 gameplay, and even something for the indie lover within you.


BiP Media, the "fiercely independent" developer behind Tiny Token Empires has released a teaser trailer for the Persians in their upcoming strategy game.


This leaves only the Carthaginians to be revealed next year before the game launches on PC, Mac, iDevices and PS3 in 2011.


[Tiny Token Empires]-$TBA

With a couple months until the launch of Pokemon Black & White in The States, the trailers and info start now with the release of a new trailer for Nintendo's pocket monster series.  The English trailer gives a brief look at the story, environments, and 3 pokemon battles you'll be experiencing when the game launches.


150 new pokemon will be at your fingertips on March 6th for the DS.

[Pokemon Black & White]-$34.99(Black) and $34.99(White)

For those of you who can't wait for much longer to get a new Sci-Fi MMORPG, set your clocks at 37 days, because that is how long you'll be waiting for Mastheads' upcoming Earthrise.  The Bulgarian studio announced today that their project will be digitally distributed come February 4th.

If you are wondering what Earthrise is but don't have the time to poke around the internet, it is a Sci-Fi MMO set in the far future where humanity is near extinction and must fight back in order to survive.  Outside of many standard MMO traits (crafting, guilds, PvP, etc), the coolest feature is that the entire game will be run on one server, meaning a single, massive world. It will also allow for offline and online play, with some skills which can only be levelled by playing offline.


Unfortunately for console owners, saving humanity will be a PC exclusive deal when the game drops later this month.



Following the big reveal at the VGAs a couple of weeks ago and a brief glimpse of gameplay on Jimmy Fallon, fans have now finally got to feast their eyes on some Uncharted 3: Drakes DeceptionThe newly released gameplay shows Nathan Drake doing what he does best: climbing, shooting, puzzle solving, and doing it all with cinemeatic flair.

Then there's part 2 that shows off some pretty environments

Nathan Drake will be back in action in late 2011 exclusively on the PS3.

[ Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception ]-$TBA


The folks at The Behemoth got some good news over this Christmas.  While everyone else was unwrapping presents, the indie developer found out that their flagship title, Castle Crashers has now passed two-million unique users.  Although it's difficult to find exact numbers on the matter, this is likely a number that has only been hit by Uno before.

The Behemoth has stated that they plan on celebrating this occasion by doing something for gamers.  They were coy with details though, only stating that there would be a gold Xbox involved.

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can both continue to crash away, although Xbox 360 gamers can do so at half price until December 31st.

[Castle Crashers]-$14.99 (PS3) or 1200 MSP (600 Until December 31st)

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