Marvel Pinball Review

Shane Chandler December 29, 2010 0
Pinball, a game that overlooks generational differences, has survived through decades of technological advancements. The simplistic nature of pinball can make for one of the most addictive and absorbing gaming experiences. With the metallic ball as your sword and the table a beast for conquering, players young and old can find enjoyment. Zen Studios has taken every aspect of pinball, down to the finest details, and transferred these mechanics with near perfect precision into Pinball FX 2. PS3 users, while without Pinball FX 2, can experience the glory of pinball with the release of Marvel Pinball. Being previously released as DLC for Pinball FX 2, this standalone game features four tables. Do these four tables alone merit a $10 price tag?

As gamers you should first be aware that if you do not like pinball you probably won't like this game. Fortunately, pinball is the sort of game that anyone can look at and understand the simple scheme presented. What Pinball FX 2, and therefore Marvel Pinball, does best is keep this design while adding some great elements accessible to them thanks to the seemingly infinite possibilities of the video game medium. Zen Studios shines in this instance with the opportunity to make some really cool tables out of beloved Marvel characters.
Marvel Pinball introduces 4 tables with the promise for more in the form of DLC. Each table covers a Marvel character and features challenges from each respective universe's villains. The first heroes included are Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Blade. Hitting a specific part of each board will trigger a fun and interactive fight between you, the hero, and one of many villains. The graphical representations of each villain are very unique and fun. For example,  on the Spider-Man machine you may trigger a shot that causes the Green Goblin to throw a single pumpkin grenade onto the board. You then have to aim your shot at the pumpkin to advance in the game. This keeps the game fresh and enjoyable.  
Any gamer will appreciate the robust features packed into Marvel Pinball. On top of little inclusions such as nudging the table with the controller tilt feature, Zen Studio's made sure to include a solid multiplayer experience. The high score mode, as well as new Hero Score and Team Force scoring systems, help players compare their scores to their friends . Offline and online multiplayer is included, and the Playstation Eye may be used to video chat with friends while playing.
It isn't easy to turn down so many great features for a price of $10, but those who don't enjoy the simple qualities of pinball will have a hard time spending this much. The range of gamers that will enjoy this game is large, and the obvious attention to detail put into Marvel Pinball may make someone who disliked pinball before actually enjoy it. Fans of Marvel will definitely enjoy knowing that they will be able to play on tons of new tables in the future featuring some of their favorite characters. In fact, on the game's main website players can actually go vote on the next table becoming available for download. If you like a good simple yet addicting game, Marvel Pinball promises fun gameplay and many future additions.  
[Marvel Pinball]- PSN: $10, Xbox 360: 800 MSP

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