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With Christmas only days away, companies are already preparing for the days after the holiday with big sales starting. Consider this Gaming Update all about the deals, and trust me when I say that almost every publisher is joining in on the party.

Today kicks off a holiday deal spree with Ubisoft offering three exclusive offers on Apple app store, PlayStation® Store and Ubishop.

Today through January 1st 2011- Through the Apple app store, consumers can save up to 80% on Ubisoft’s entire games catalogue for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This includes their ENTIRE catalogue, new and old.

Today through January 4th 2011- In the Playstation Store, shoppers will be able to save 50% on two exclusive PlayStation® Store packs. The Prince of Persia Classic and Cell Factor pack will go for half price, as well as, the Scott Pilgrim, TMNT Reshelled and Voodoo Dice pack.

Today through December 31st- The Ubishop is offering 33% off n over 55 PC titles including Assassin’s Creed 2, Prince of Persia and R.U.S.E.

[Apple App Store ]80% off Ubisoft library

[Playstation StorePS3

[Ubishop]PC Deals

With Christmas Eve falling on a Friday this year, Harmonix has pushed forward their DLC announcement this week.  Whereas last week the extra songs were a little bit scattered, this week's have a strong Paul McCartney focus, although there are a few other songs thrown in:

  • Paul McCartney – “Maybe I’m Amazed”
  • Paul McCartney & Wings – “Band on the Run”
  • Paul McCartney & Wings – “Helen Wheels”
  • Paul McCartney & Wings – “Let Me Roll It”
  • Inhabited – “Open My Eyes”
  • Siouxsie and The Banshees – “Cities in Dust”

Prices are the same as they've always been: $1.99, 160 MSP, or 200 Wii Points.  "Let it Roll"  and "Cities in Dust" will be this week's available upgrades to pro guitar.


If you want to stand out in today's MMO market you need to do something a little bit extra to stand out.  In DC Universe Online's case, that is not just including a full suite of licensed superheroes, but also it is a number of smaller touches.  One of these is "alerts", the upcoming MMO's version of dungeons.  SOE has released a trailer for two of those alerts, the first being Area 51.

The second alert displayed today is Gorilla Island, an island which is, fittingly, populated by mutant gorillas.

You'll be teaming up with your friends and the rest of the DC cast to take down Area 51 and Gorilla Island come January 11th.

[DC Universe Online]-$59.99 (PS3), $49.99 (PC), $92.99 (PC Collector's Edition), $99.99 (PS3 Collector's Edition)

From one MMO to another, TERA has also put out two videos of a different variety.  You can now fly through two of the areas, just like a virtual bird.  The first, Pirate's Grotto, is a conveniently themed affair filled with ships and water.

If swashbuckling isn't your thing, how about visiting the Valley Of The Gods, a name so epic it just has to come with thunder and lightning

TERA will be released in Q1 2011.

[TERA]-$F2P (With a premium shop)

After seeing a successful launch in Europe, Legends of War, Patton's Campaign will be coming to the palm of American hands very soon.  Enigma Games'  RTS/RPG mash-up will be bringing its unique gameplay blend to your PSP on January 4th.  Until then, here's a trailer to keep your WW II appetite satisfied.

[Legends of War: Patton's Campaign]-$TBA $19.95 (PSP)

And last but not least, to close out before the holidays we've got a little JRPG action in the form of Hyperdimension Neptunia.  Check out the trailer below for some sweet anime visuals and a glimpse into the gameplay mechanics.

Hyperdimension Neptunia will hit US shores in Q1/Q2 of 2011 on the PS3.


[Hyperdimension Neptunia]-$TBA

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