Spike VGAs Wrap-Up

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In case you were like some of us and missed the VGAs fear not, because we've got a run down of all the trailers and important information you missed during the awards show.


The over-the-top, extreme snowboarding franchise SSX is back with their newest installment entitled SSX: Deadly Decent. Following the well recieved SSX: Blur for the Wii, players can expect EA to deliver a thrilling experience that brings SSX back to its roots.



The goal of the game will be to race down treacherous mountains to become the first team to conquer these deadly locales. If the trailer is any indication of the game play players can also expect some flying suits!!! More information regarding the release date and rating will be coming in 2011.


[SSX: Deadly Decent][]-$TBA


Coming off the heels of the recently released racing juggernaut Gran Turismo 5, Turn 10 studios has released a trailer for their upcoming Xbox-exclusive racing hit Forza 4. 


While not including any gameplay footage, players can expect a wide array of car choices. Forza 4 will also include Kinect support and is looking at a Fall 2011 release date.

[Forza 4]-$TBA


Rumors of a fifth RPG from Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series have been swirling for a while now without any confirmation.  The VGAs served as the coming out party for the fifth game, titled Skyrim, through an amazingly inspiring and epic trailer.

The release is slated for November 11th of 2011 and our guess will be that its on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Although no other info was revealed in the trailer, Bethesda announced, via their official twitter, that it will be featuring an entirely new game engine that is "spectacular". Given what was achieved on the old engine early on in this generation, that sounds positively epic.


[The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim]-$TBA


Following a series of teaser images and videos, Mass Effect 3 saw its official reveal at this year's VGAs.  Given Bioware's history with making awesome cinematic trailers, and even more awesome games, it should come as no surprise that this one impresses.

This one didn't have quite as firm of a release date as the fifth Elder Scrolls title. However, given the holiday 2011 release date, it looks like the next holiday season will be one to remember for fans of role-playing games.

[Mass Effect 3]-$TBA

One of the biggest announcements of the night came with the new trailer for Resistance 3 by Insomniac Games. The story picks up right where the second game left off with America lost to the Chimeran forces. Players will take the role of Sentinel Joseph Capelli as he tries to fight back against the Chimeran menace in locations ranging from Oklahoma to New York City.



This installment seems to be much grittier than past Resistance titles. A release date and rating have not been announced yet but expect more news in the coming months. 

[Resistance 3]-$TBA



Whereas Spike's award show served as a reveal for many of the games, that wasn't the case for Arkham City.  Following a September cover in GameInformer, players have known a little bit about The Dark Knight's latest adventure. Nonetheless, the trailer showcases some seriously impressive CGI Batman butt-kicking.


Arkham City will be released next year for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

[Batman: Arkham City]-$TBA


After a rather quiet  presence at this year's New York Comic Con and some rather routine news cementing the movie tie-in, Thor showed himself to the world at the VGAs this year.  It probably won't convert skeptics, but if you're a comic book fan it will almost assuredly bring you some excitement.

You'll be taking on the role of the legendary god of thunder next Spring.

[Thor: God of Thunder]-$TBA

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