Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones Review [CES Preview] December 12, 2010 0

When you're in the market for a pair of headphones that won't break the bank you usually know what is in store for you.  You'll get some pretty good, but not absurd sound quality, and a sturdy pair of earphones that don't feel like they're going to break at the first bit of roughousing you throw their way.  Coloud's new Marvel Comics Headphones give you all that and a little bit more, delivering good sound quality for their price point and some designs that will impress everyone at your local comic shop.

The first thing you'll notice about the headphones is obviously their design.  Each of the four different varieties features art from one one of the Marvel characters.  Our personal favorite is the one of the X-men just for its sheer amount of color, but the others are equally cool.  It certainly doesn't change the features, but it is something that comic book fans will appreciate.

Furthering this is a sturdy design starting from the chord.  Your headphones are connected to the jack via a chord surrounded by thick rubber, thus minimizing any issues with chord pinching.  What's more, the both of the earphones can swivel and are connected by a headband that feels like it could go through some rough moments and cause any problems.

Once you actually slide the headphones of your ears, they are certainly a passable experience at $40.  The Coloud headphones fare better with bass, delivering a satisfying kick when listening to electronica or rock music.  Once you get up to higher frequencies, the sound starts to feel a little bit washed out and the instruments begin to bleed together some.  Given the price point, ideal sound quality across the whole range is not to be expected, and what this pair delivers is certainly up to, and even likely exceeds most other $40 pairs.

If there's one knock on this pair of Marvel-themed headphones it is their initial comfort.   When I first got my hands on them, long term wearing was rather uncomfortable for about the first week or so. A combination of the material used and how they fit resulted in them becoming somewhat sticky and put a fair bit of pressure on my head, in spite of any adjustments I made.  After a week or so of wearing them though, this feeling began to subside and they are now plenty comfortable over the long term.

The Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones are a marriage of function and design.  For one, they are a surprisingly decent over-the-ear headphones for a very reasonable price.  Also, they have the added benefit of showing off your comic book love to the world, looking pretty awesome in the process.  that being said, although these puppies aren't totally without fault, they are certainly worth a look if you want some decent sound quality without breaking the bank.


[Coloud Marvel Comics Headphones]- $29.95(Punisher black)

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