Daily Gaming Wrap Up: December 10th

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Today's gaming update doesn't contain much in the way of ground breaking news, it does contain information of note to pretty much all sectors of the gaming society. Whether you're into Billy Joel or Mass Effect, you'll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy inside.

Ever since Gamescom, PS3 owners have been wondering they'd be getting Bioware's acclaimed RPG Mass Effect 2 on their console.  Quesion no more PS3 owners, EA revealed today that they will be releasing the second of Captain Shepard's adventures, complete with DLC this January 18th.  European gamers will be fighting the collectors a touch later on January 21st.  In order to catch fans up with the story in Mass Effect 2, the game will also come complete with an interactive comic.

Scoure-IGN UK

Bethesda announced today that they are bringing classic Quake action to the Xbox LIVE Arcade next week with the release of Quake Arena Arcade on December 15th.

Fans of the series will have their thirst for combat filled through 12 LIVE exclusive maps, 30 classic maps, and updated graphics with the ability to play in widescreen and HD.  We didn't hear of a price, however, given the current trend of XBLA pricing, our guess is that you'll be dropping 800-1200 points to frag up to 15 of your friends over six different game modes.

[Quake Arena Arcade]-$TBA

Everything has been pretty quiet on the De Blob 2 front since the official announcement of the game a couple weeks back.  That silence lifted just a bit today when the developers put out a trailer for the game which is, quite frankly, downright adorable.  If you're looking for hardcore gameplay footage this won't be your thing, but it should bring a smile to your face.


The second isntallment of the De Blob series will be coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC in February 2011.

[De Blob 2]-$TBA

Kalypso Media released a new trailer which shows some new gameplay from their upcoming RTS game Dunegons.  Nothing groundbreaking is shown, but the trailer does assuredly set the stage for some future Dungeon Keeper satyle strategy.


You can begin to rule over your dungeon in the first quarter of next year.


Earlier this week SEGA gave gamers a peek at Akiyama, one of the characters who will be making an appearance in Yakuza 4 when it hits American shores.  Today, they released another trailer, this time showing off Kiryu Kazuma, the series' main character since the first Yakuza.


Kiryu Kazuma and company will be hitting your consoles on March 15th on the PS3.

[Yakuza 4]-$59.95

Another week, another set of Rock Band 3 DLC for you to play with.  This week Harmonix is bringing you a boat load of Billy Joel music for you to rock out to.  The full song list is as follows:

  • “Big Shot”
  • “Captain Jack”
  • “It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me”
  • “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)”
  • “Only the Good Die Young”
  • “Piano Man”
  • “Pressure”
  • “Say Goodbye to Hollywood”
  • “The Entertainer"
  • “The Stranger”
  • “We Didn’t Start the Fire”
  • “You May Be Right”

Expect the normal prices of $1.99/160 MSP/200 Wii points per song.  The whole album is available for $19.99/ 1600 MSP/2000 Wii Points.  This week's pro guitar upgrades will be on Big Shot, Movin' Out, and Only the Good Die Young, again for $.99, 80 MSP, or 100 Wii Points.

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