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One of the most fascinating parts of this year’s Indie Games Winter Uprising is that it features two games that could not be more different in Epic Dungeon and Asteroids Do Concern Me. Although these games come from obviously very different genres, they also sport design philosophies that could not be more opposite. Whereas Eyehook’s entry into The Uprising made waves because of its streamlined nature, the first game out of Evil Robot Logic takes the exact opposite approach: stretching its genre to the absolute limits. Although it succeeds in this goal, Asteroids Do Concern Me can't achieve greatness because of a lack of ambition.

Asteroids Do Concern Me is an exhibition of what can be done with the “go right faster until you hit something” genre.  In it, you pilot a space ship through an asteroid field, collecting small orbs that increase your multiplier while avoiding obstacles.  The gameplay is instantly familiar  and functions admirably well, allowing you to control your ship with ease even at high speeds.

Where Evil Robot Logic begins to separate itself from the competition is in its variety of options available to the player.  For one, there are six different difficulties ranging from slow to ridiculously fast to choose from. Varying difficulties not only allow players of all skills to enjoy the game but also it creates an interesting strategic decision if you're trying to maximize your point total.

The features continue with a number of visual options.  The obligatory classic mode is offered and certainly looks visual solid.  However, you can also fly your space ship through tunnels with retro-inspired visuals, sketch drawn graphics in notebook mode, or even the chuckle worthy double rainbow option.  Each of these provides their own flavor to your trip and even provides a slightly different set of obstacles.

Asteroids Do Concern Me even implements a pass-the-controller style multiplayer where you and your friends continue compete for a given number of rounds.  It isn’t the most enthralling of options but if for some reason you’ve got a group of people who are gathered around a TV and want to play this type of game it should provide them all with entertainment.

Ultimately though, Asteroids Do Concern Me is held back not by any failure of execution but by a lack of imagination.   Andrew Currie and company have crammed a whole ton of features into an 80 MSP package, but when it comes down to it there are only so many ways that you can fly across a screen with increasing speed.  If you’re in the mood for an extremely spiffy take on the genre then Asteroids Do Concern Me is definitely your go to game.  If that isn’t your cup of tea though, it is probably best to forgo this one.


[Asteroids Do Concern Me]-80 MSP

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