Robots Can Pick Ripest Strawberries Now

Matthew Torino December 6, 2010 0

Apparently, Japan's gone completely crazy once again. Instead of creating something that could actually help society or even something that could scare society straight, they've decided that world needed a robot that could pick the ripest strawberries available. The robot picks the strawberries to harvest based on how red they are. Japanese people may have lost their mind it seems. But it turns out there's an actual reason for this…

Apparently it takes nine seconds for the robot to pick a berry which seems like a fairly long time for that but actually farmers are estimating that it could save as much as 40% of harvest time which they could possibly devote to developing robots to fight against Godzilla. Or maybe Godzukie. Or maybe to help them in the fields or whatever. Whether farmers will actually be able to afford these types of robots and whether they will ever become economically viable enough to make it completely around the world and revolutionize farming is yet to be seen. But unlike many Japanese robots out there, this one actually looks like it could serve some kind of purpose which is more than you can say about a lot of them. But if they ever learn to love, watch out.

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