Daily Gaming Wrap-December 3rd

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If yesterday was all about the indie games, then today would have to be all about the AAA titles.  Although we've certainly got some indie game news to share, the biggest stories from the day are dominated by some of the biggest publishers and games in development including Homefront and Battlefiled: Bad Company 2 Vietnam


What would a week be without Rock Band 3 DLC news?  A lame week, that's what.  In order to keep this week from being lame here's a rundown of the new song's you can be playing next week in Rock Band 3:

Queen Extravaganza Pack 01:

  •     *“Hammer to Fall”
  •     “Keep Yourself Alive”
  •     “Now I’m Here”
  •      “Play the Game”
  •     “Tenement Funster”
  •      “We Are the Champions” (RB3 version)
  •      “We Will Rock You” (RB3 version)

Queen RB3 Enhanced Pack    *

  • “I Want It All” (RB3 version)
  • “I Want To Break Free” (RB3 version) 
  • “Killer Queen” (RB3 version)
  • “One Vision” (RB3 version)
  • “Somebody To Love” (RB3 version)
  • “Under Pressure” (RB3 version)

Prices are what we have come to expect out of similar DLC: $1.99/160 MSP/200 Wii Points for per individual song, $9.99/800 MSP/1000 Wii Points for the frst pack, $10.99/800 MSP/1100 Wii Points.  Additionally, all songs with the exception of "We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You" will be available with a pro guitar add-on for $.99/80 MSP/100 Wii Points.

The year of 1994 is populated by lots of memories, Newt Gingrich and the Republicans signing a contract with America, Kurt Cobain dying, and, in my case, hoping that you could make it through pre-school in one piece.  However, strategy gamers may also remember a game that came out the same year: Panzer General.  The title, published by Strategic Simulations Inc. went on to have multiple sequels and even a board game earlier this year.  Today the Lordz Game Studio announced that they are bringing the series back to life with another game in the Panzer General spirit.

The next game, to be called Panzer Corps, will feature 26 scenarios spread over 21 maps and will hit most of the major battles that took place during the European war and include a couple of hypothetical ones depending on your actions.  The game looks to be massive, with over 400 units 17 different terrain types, multiple entry points into the war through which to play, and an RPG esque leveling system.

Panzer Corps will hit your PC this 2011.

[Panzer Corps]-$TBA


Earlier this week we brought you a final release date for two new map packs for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 turns out EA wasn't done pulling tricks out of their bag as they announced that another map will be available for download should the community complete "Operation Hastings".



All players need to do to unlock an updated version of Battlefield Vietnam's map of the same name is amass 69 million team actions, defined as resupply, revive, heal, spot, or repair.  Players can begin to progress towards meeting their console's total of actions come December 21st.


[Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam]-$14.99  or 1200 Microsoft Points


The pace of information coming out about Homefront, THQ's upcoming shooter in which players are tasked to defend America from invading North Koreans, has most certainly quickened of late.  Following the recent developer diary in which players gained some insight as to the single player portion, THQ has released another trailer detailing some of what went into developing the multiplayer portion of the game.



Homefront will release on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 8th in America, March 10th in Australia, and March 10th in Europe.


Jimmie Johnson has developed quite a name for himself by driving tuned stock cars obscenely fast but it seems that was not enough for the NASCAR driver.  Today, Autumn Games announced that they are teaming up with him to create Jimmie Johnson's Anything With An Engine, a kart racing game for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

Anything With An Engine is attempting to bring even more absurdity to the already ridiculous kart racing landscape by giving players the opportunity to race in everything from dumpsters to lawnmowers.  Gamers will be racing through the title's pyrotechnic-laden tracks sometime in 2011.


[Anything With An Engine]-$TBA

Along with the Indie Games Uprising yesterday, we've got news of one more indie game that is most likely worth your time.  Score Rush, made by the same people who are bringing you Decimation X3, will be hitting the indie games market place on December 9th.  Why should you care?  Take a look at this trailer and all will become clear.

[Score Rush]-80 MSP

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