Daily Gaming News: December 1st

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In today's daily rundown of all the news you need to know we've got a smattering of information from all across the gaming spectrum.  There are new flying games for PC fans in the form of Air Conflict: Secret Wars, new characters for Guardian of Light and a new space shooter from SEGA that looks to bring deep narrative where it has rarely gone before.  All that and more is inside, so come and take a look.

bitComposer announced today that they're bringing a slightly different take on the two World Wars by delivering Air Conflict: Secret Wars. The next game in the Air Conflict series will bring gamers the opportunity to play in 49 missions using one of 16 period-era aircraft.  However, these variety of missions won't be taking you just to Stalingrad or Normandy, instead you'll be undertaking a variety of different types of missions as you fight for resistance movements in locales ranging from Poland to France.

You'll be able to take flight and dog fight with your friends and the axis powers come Q2 of next year exclusively on the PC.

[Air Conflicts: Secret Wars]-$TBA

In disappointing news to platforming fans everywhere, Curve Studios' Explodemon was pushed back into January 2011.  The game was originally scheduled for a Fall 2010 release but had to be pushed back because of some last minute bug fixes.  If you haven't been exposed to the game before, take a look at the trailer below, it looks to be continuing the recent trend of innovative titles coming out on console via digital distribution.

Explodemon will be released exclusively via the PSN.



Today Sega announced that Toshihiro Nagoshi, the creator of Yakuza 4 is working on a new space shooter titled Binary Domain.  The game will follow an international peace keeping force who has been sent in to defeat a robot infestation in Tokyo circa 2080.  Although they were developed by different studios, the fast paced, robot shooting action of Binary Domain sounds a good bit like Vanquish, although Nagoshi is promising a deep, dramatic story.  Seeing as the narrative was our biggest knock on Shinji Mikami's otherwise superb shooter, color us surprisingly excited for this return to robot blasting.  Check out the reveal trailer below if you're interested.


No release date was given, although we do know that Binary Domain will see a release on the Xbox 360 and PS3


[Binary Domain]-$TBA

Perhaps as a result of the recently announced PlayStation Rewards program, Microsoft announced today that they are launching Xbox LIVE Rewards.  The program that rewards players for doing the things that they would normally do on LIVE including watching sports and movies, playing games, and renewing their subscription.  You can sign up starting tomorrow on the official rewards website.  For a full rundown of some actions which will earn you free MSP, take a look at the graphic below.

Source: Major Nelson

Lastly, some of you might be wondering what happened to the promised DLC characters for Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light.  Via their official twitter, Crystal Dynamics answered that question today.  Turns out the two sets of characters who will be taking on the roles of Lara and Totec will be psychopathic serial killers Kane and Lynch and the vampiric pairing of Raziel and Kain.  No word on when they'll be out yet, but if you have the itch to see one earlier than the other, tweet the team at @crystaldynamics to have your voice heard.

[Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light]-1200 MSP or $15.00(PS3, PC)

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