Daily Gaming News: November 29th

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Now that the Thanksgiving turkey has worn off we are left with the stark reality that as gamers we have to face a barren wasteland of releases known as December.  While the summer is often bemoaned as being bereft of quality releases, it looks like this December is giving the dog days a run for their money as their are no are few big releases on the docket after Disney's Epic Mickey and Cataclysm hit store shelves.  In spite of that, PC gamers, and especially strategy fans, got a bunch of news today that they'll find tasty including D2D publisher deals and the Divine Wind expansion being dated.  Lets dive into it.

Continuing in the trend of strategy game news being released, Paradox interactive has given an exact date to their upcoming expansion pack to Europa Unversalis.  The Divine Wind expansion will be giving you more oriental provinces and expanded opportunities to control the shogunate in Japan or the Mandate of Heaven in China this December 14th.  In addition to a firm street date, Paradox also has released a new trailer showcasing some improvements to the grand strategy title, including an updated graphical look.

You and up to 32 players can begin duking it out for power come December 14th provided you have Europa Universalis III Complete and the Heir to The Throne expansion.

[Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind]-$19.99

It seems only fitting that one of the greatest American generals ever, George Patton, now has the game specifically devoted to him coming to American shores.  Enigma Software announced today that American players will have the chance to play Legends of War: Patton's Campaign this December on the PSP.

Patton's Campaign will task you with completing over 30 missions ranging from sabotage to all out attack with the goal of liberating Europe from Nazi hands once again.  The game received some pretty solid scores when it saw a European release, so it the game is probably worth a look when it comes out some time next month on the PSP and PSPgo. Strategy Fans on larger consoles can also keep their eye out for future news as Legends of War: Patton's Campaign is also coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC at some point in the future.


[Legends of War: Patton's Campaign]-$TBA


In one of the best ways to couch a delay we've seen in a long time JoWooD has "extended" the release date of SpellForce 2: Faith In Destiny.  Turns out that fans who want to combat a new, nameless enemy who attacks Eo, will have to wait until January 2011 in order to do so.  No reason was given for the delay.



[SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny]-$TBA


Last week we brought you news that D2D will be giving gamers a whole boat load of holiday deals, including weekly discounts on specific publishers.  The first publisher has been revealed and it turns out that gamers will be getting deals on 2K Games titles this week.  Specifically, the discounts are as follows


  • Monday: Civilization V: Complete Edition for 75% off
  • Tuesday: The Stronghold Collection for 75% off
  • Wednesday: Bioshock for 75% off
  • Thursday: Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition for 50% off
  • Friday: Bioshock 2 for 75%

Seems like a good time to pick up any of these titles if they're on your to-buy list.

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