First Third Party PS Move Controller Coming November 20, 2010 0

Third party controllers have been around for a long time in the gaming industry.  Sometimes they thrive on gimmicks that allow players to do unnatural actions like have a rapid fire weapon or execute a combo with just one button press.  Other times though, they thrive on attempting to fix issues that the original controller had.  The PlayStation Move is proving itself to be no different, as SnakeByte has announced that they are working on a PS Move controller.

Both controllers, shown above, will have a rubberized shell so as to improve your grip.  They will also feature built-in USB ports so that you needn't worry about Sony's firmware updates making your purchase obsolete.  Alongside these controllers, Snakebyte will also be releasing their own version of the PS Eye, which, to our eyes, looks quite fittingly like a cobra.

The Snake Eye, as it is called, will also come with the pictured TV mount so as to ensure security while playing.  All three of these peripherals will be available in bundled and unbundled form come Q1 2011.  Until then, they'll also be shown at CES so we'll get you the lowdown on how they play when we're in Las Vegas for the show.


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