Star Trek Online Season 3: Genesis Dated November 16, 2010 0

Atari has announced today that Trekkies who want more content in their virtual universe have something to be thankful for next week, as Atari announced a launch date for the upcoming expansion pack Season Three: Genesis


The free expansion pack to Cryptic Studio's MMO will go live on December 9th 2010.  Season 3 will feature a number of updates including the launch of the public beta of The Foundry, a tool to allow user-created missions to be available alongside those created by the developers.  Genesis will also give players the ability to replay past missions for new rewards, implement Borg technology into their ships, and explore a revamped Sector Space.  If you can't more information about exactly what the expansion pack holds in store, you can find that here

Also launching on December 9th and running through January 15th is the Design The Next Enterprise Competition, full details of which can be found here.


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