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Amongst the "hardcore" sect of the gaming community, there's been a lot of complaining about games becoming soft of late.  In order to satisfy these gamers who masochistically attempt to rack up gaming accomplishments, some developers have started creating unabashedly difficult games which dare even the most hardened gamer to complete them.  The latest of these games, Funky Lab Rat has received a release date and will coming to your consoles before long.

As the above trailer shows, Funky Lab Rat will force you to guide a lab rat, named Diego, to safety by using either the Dualshock 3 or Move to complete platforming sections while simultaneously altering time.  PS3 owners will have the first crack at helping Diego reach the final lab gate as the game will be PS3 exclusive at launch (read: probably coming to Xbox Live eventually).  Players will be able to explore the game's 81 levels on November 24th in Europe and on November 30th in America. 

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