Free Stuff Alert(Sort of): Copies of GT5 November 11, 2010 0

It isn't every day that one company uses the product of another to promote its games, but when it does happen it is certainly newsworthy.  Add that to a giveaway of one of the biggest titles of the year and we feel downright obliged to bring you news of O-Games giving away free copies of Grand Turismo 5.

In order to win a copy of Polyphony's upcoming racer, players will first need to own a copy of O-Games' Superstars V8 Racing.  Once this is done, you will need to like the Superstars V8 Facebook page.  From here, the developers will release various weeklong challenges that players will need to win via online competition in order to win a copy of GT5.  Of course, if you're wondering if O-Games' $19.99 racer is worth a purchase all by its lonesome, our review will be up this weekend.


[Superstars V8 Racing]-$19.99 (PSN)

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