New Copes of Nail’d Coming With DLC November 10, 2010 0

The question of pre-owned games has been a hot one within the industry for the past year or so.  EA has come out strongly against them with the creation of a variety of services like their Cerberus Network and EA Account program.  Techland has now joined in the movement for new games as well, including a pretty hefty DLC package along with new copies of Nail'd

If you buy the game fresh off the shelf you will receive a set of content that includes 4 new tracks, an additional cup titled the "Bomb cup", a new game mode: Detonator, in which players must race past ticking time bombs before they explode, and more.  Our assumption is that this DLC will be available on day 1 when Nail'd launches on November 30th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC but we're double checking that.

[Nail'd]-$49.99 (Xbox 360), $49.99 (PS3), and $39.99 (PC)

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