Gamestop To Have The Exclusive Conduit 2 Limited Edition November 10, 2010 0

If there has been one trend which has been even more dominant at retail for the past year than publishers' wars against pre-owned games it has been location exclusive exclusive content.  Where as once you would get the same bonus content no matter where you bought your game now you need to keep a veritable spreadsheet in order to keep track of who is offering you what.  SEGA is simplifying things a little bit by offering gamers a limited edition of Conduit 2 exclusively at Gamestop.

The limited edition will give players a 44-page art book to get some insight into how the world of Conduit 2 was developed, the "Eye of Ra", a device upgrades the in game all seeing eye, thus granting players superior searching abilities, and a special multiplayer skin.  The best part is that the limited edition doesn't appear to cost anything extra so long as you pre-order Conduit 2 at Gamestop before the game's launch in February 2011.


[Conduit 2]-$49.99 (Wii)

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