SouthPeak Interactive Announces An Epic Competition November 8, 2010 0

The word unique is tossed around a lot in the video game industry, often without any real meaning.  Thus, when a company comes across claiming to be doing something which is "unique" or "groundbreaking", I usually approach it with quite a skeptical eye.  However, every now and again there is something really unique and hilarious within the industry, as SouthPeak Interactive has proven today with their latest Stronghold 3 competition.

The competition, which will be held via the Stronghold 3 Facebook page will allow players to vote on which of four dead animals will become possible ammunition in the upcoming game based around castle building and sieges.  The four options are:

  • Senile Donkey
  • Cage of rabid otters
  • Retired dancing bear
  • Sack of diseased badgers

The winner of the competition will be featured in Stronghold 3, allowing players to make use of the disease cloud that it spreads come the game's release in 2011.

[Stronghold 3]-$TBA

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