Men Of War: Assault Squad Open Beta Now Live November 3, 2010 0

World War II has provided fodder for video games and movies for video games for the past seventy years.  Of late though, with the shift to more modern games, there has been a relative dearth of titles to experience one of the defining American Wars.  However, the Men of War series. developed by 1C Company, has been taking up that torch for the genre, giving players a real-time tactics twist on the WWII.  The latest game, Assault Squad, is in development and has finally entered a public beta, giving players a chance to test it out before it is launched

Players can get access to the beta by going to this link and entering their email, after which they will receive a CD-key which can be used to access the beta through Steam.  Once in, you'll get the chance to experience the new game with its improved features from the perspective of either the Americans or Germans, two of the five factions which will be available when the full game launches. 


[Men Of War: Assault Squad]-$TBA

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