Crackdown 2 DLC Announced November 2, 2010 0

Microsoft announced today that they will be releasing a DLC pack titled the "Deluge Pack" which will include integrate Windows Phone 7 achievements into the Xbox 360 content.

In terms of what Xbox 360 owners can expect, the new content will come in two flavors: trial and premium.  The former will just give players the "capture the orb" game mode, a Crackdown take on capture the flag, and a trial of the deluge game mode which pits you against increasingly difficult waves of Pacific City enemies.  The upshot of the trial version is that players who download it won't have to pay. Should you feel like shelling out 560 Microsoft points, you will be rewarded with everything in the trial version, a full version of Deluge, premium themes, and achievements. 

Both versions will supported by the new "Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst", a tower defense game which uses real maps and allows you to turn anywhere in the world to your tower to defend.  Playing Project Sunburst, which will also release in November, will unlock content and abilities in the Deluge mode

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