Bejeweled 3 Announced November 2, 2010 0

In the casual PC game world few names, if any, are bigger than Bejeweled.  Since the game's launch over 10 years ago, the addictive puzzler has sucked up time from gamers the world over, much to their boss's chagrin.  However, in spite of the series' wild success, Popcap games has been relatively slow in producing a sequel to Bejeweled 2, a game which came out six years ago.  Casual gamers everywhere can rejoice though, as Popcap has announced that Bejweled 3 will be delightfully sucking up your time in under two months.

In addition to the expected graphical upgrades, Bejeweled 3 will also bring gamers new game modes so as to allow them to experience the jewel sliding game in different ways.  There will of course be classic mode, but also that will be combined with a quest mode featuring 11 different mini-games and 40 total quests.  In order to add more variety to Bejeweled 3 there will also be 4 secret game modes in addition to zen and lightning modes to round out the offerings.

Popcap's latest addictive gem slider will launch on December 7th through

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