SOE Joins In On The Halloween Spirit October 31, 2010 0

With MMO makers across the spectrum setting up special events for their players ,it was only natural that SOE, one of the biggest developers in the genre, would get in on the act eventually.  That time has now come, as Sony Online Entertainment has announced what in-game treats they will be giving to players across their catalog of games this Halloween season.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures

Sony's family-friendly MMO is celebrating it's first Halloween in a variety of ways.  Not only will there be daily mask giveaways which allow players to take on the face of some iconic characters from the Star Wars universe including Yoda and Padme, but also there will be Halloween-themed items available for purchase in the marketplace and a Rocket Rescue minigame in the holiday spirit.  Last but not least, there will be an in-game "Emissary Event" this November 5th (the last day of the in-game celebration) at 3 PM PST.

Free Realms

Free Realms will yet again be celebrating its Super Spooktacular in a variety of ways.  Available now through November 17th, players will be able to complete a new questline in the Blackspore Cemetery.  Moreover, there will also be the typical array of costumes and giveaways, all culminating in special costume parties organized by the Free Realms community team


Players will have until November 7th to complete a quest which tasks them with stopping the skinwalker from wreacking havoc on the land.   Players who are interested in undertaking this quest can go to Rhaeda to start

Everquest 2

Similar to its predecessor, Everquest 2 will feature a new questline, titled Nights of the Dead Devotees.  In addition to the new set of quests, players can also purchase the standard array of holiday items from merchants and also relive some of their favorite parts of past Nights of the Dead celebrations.

Star Wars Galaxies

This year, Galaxies players will experience the annual Galactic Moon Festival on both Moenia of Naboo and Mos Eisley on Tatooine.  Players will be able to walk through these streets trick or treating in costume and earning coins which can be redeemed for special prizes.  These festivities, along with other events scattered throughout the galaxy, will end on November 16th.

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