Konami Patches Up PS3 Lords of Shadows Bugs

jmaltz@pnosker.com October 28, 2010 0

Bugs are something of a way of life within the video game world.  Although developers do their best to iron out all of the kinks within their game before it goes to release, sometimes there are things which they just did not account for and are only found after the game hits store shelves.  Such was the case with Castlevania: Lords of Shadows.  Shortly after the game was available for purchase, players starting noticing that there would occasionally be save issues related to how players interacted with the select and PlayStation buttons on the PS3 version of the title.  Luckily, Konami released a patch to sure up those issues today.

In addition to the fix to saved game issues, the update will also add some cosmetic changes to the game such as the addition of scrolling text during load screens.  Something similar is being worked on for Xbox 360 owners, but is not available just yet.



[Castlevania: Lords of Shadow]-$79.96 (Limited Edition Xbox 360),  $59.96 (Regular Edition Xbox 360), $79.96 (PS3 Limited Edition), $57.99 (PS3 Regular Edition)

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