New Goldeneye Tank Trailer Released October 27, 2010 0

Ask any gamer what they remember about the original Goldeneye  on the N64 and two words are bound to come up.  The first, "multiplayer" has already been explored in-depth and Activision has released a substantial amount of information on how they are recreating that part of the original game.  The second word, "tank" refers to the origial title, in order to give players an idea of just how that level will play out on the Wii this November, Activision has released a trailer which shows a little bit of gameplay of it.

007 Goldeneye will be releasing November 2nd exclusively on the Wii.

[Goldeneye 007]-$49.99 (Game Only), $69.99 (Bundled with gold Wii controller pro)

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