Days of thunder: Arcade Anounced October 27, 2010 0

Paramount seems to be in the mood to convert Tom Cruise's old movies to video games of late.  First there was the announcement of Days of Thunder: Nascar Edition, this was followed by the release of Top Gun earlier this year, and now they have announced Days of Thunder Arcade.


Arcade will put players into the role of the latest driver on the racing circuit.  By teaming up with Rowdy Burns, as voiced by Michael Roker, gamers will climb the ranks and race against characters from the movie with AI to match their silver screen persona.  In order to advance you will need to use all of your driving skills and focus mode, a feature which allows you to slow down time at critical moments.

Successful racing both on the circuit and road tracks will give players the chance to acquire sponsors and advance in their career.  Additionally, if you're in more of a multiplayer mood, there is also the offer of up to 12 player multiplayer online support via XBL.

Days of Thunder: Arcade will be released in winter 2011 on the Xbox Live Arcade

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