Need For Speed Demo Made Available October 25, 2010 0

With the delay of GT5 last week, some gamers may be thirsting for a racing game fix during the holiday season.  Luckily EA has you covered with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, a reboot of the classic cops vs racer classic.  If you're one of those gamers still on the fence as to if NFS is your speed, EA has released a demo for a limited time so that you can try Hot Pursuit before you buy it.

The demo will be available starting tomorrow, October 26th, and will give players a taste of two modes and the new autolog feature.  The first available mode will be a Dark Horse pursuit in which players will chase AI opponents as a cop through the streets of Seacrest County.  Additionally, once players add a friend to their Need For Speed friends list they will gain access to a new game mode.

The Roadster's Reborn game mode will allow players to drive as racers and attempt to set the best time amongst all of their friends through the autolog feature.  Unfortunately, for Wii owners the autolog feature will not be available.  What's more, by playing the demo either with friends or without them, all gamers will gain 500 bounty award points which can be used in the full game when it releases on November 16th (provided you use the same EA account with the full title).

The demo ends on November 9th, so download and play while you get a chance.  Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit launches on November 16th for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii. 


[Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit]-$59.95(Xbox 360), $59.95(PS3), $49.95(PC), $49.95(Wii)


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