Mafia II DLC Dated, Priced October 23, 2010 0

A couple of weeks ago we brought you news that 2K Games will be releasing a new DLC pack for Mafia II.  Titled Joe's Adventures, the upcoming content will give players a chance to play as Vito's best friend while the game's antagonist is in jail.  However, up until now we weren't able to give you exact details on when it would be released or how much it will cost.  Luckily that lack of information is at an end, as today 2K announced both the price and the date for the upcoming content.

Gamers who want more Mafia II will have to wait for about a month more until the DLC drops on November 23rd.  Experiencing Joe's Adventures will cost $9.99 if you choose to experience them on the PS3 or PC; should you opt to go for the Xbox 360 route it will run you 800 Microsoft points.

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