NCSoft Is Celebrating Halloween In Style October 21, 2010 0

With Halloween just around the corner, people all around the country are stocking up on candy and costumes, getting ready for, the first of the major cold-weather holidays.  NCSoft wants to extend that fun to the virtual world as well as the real.  In order to do so, the City of Heroes developer has set up events across all of their MMOs to recognize the second best holiday based around eating (Thanksgiving being the obvious winner).

Aion gamers will be celebrating the annual Harvest Revel.  This year, players will be responsible for tracking down a bunch of Shulacks who have stolen Halloween lollipops and fled the two cities.  Starting on Wednesday, October 27th players will have to track down the lollipops and confront the thieving Shulacks in order to save the harvest revel.  Every day players participate in the event, which runs through November 10th, they will be rewarded with present boxes, pumpkin pouches and surprises which contain useful items.

City of Heroes players will be celebrating Halloween in classic fashion: by trick-or-treating.  players who knock on doors in Praetoria, the Rogue Isles or Paragon City might receive treats in the form of temporary costumes or tricks like rocks or unique monsters.  In addition to the zombies which are infesting the aforementioned area from October 21st-October 31st, players can start a Halloween-only Tip Mission which will start an entirely new story arc.


Guild Wars players will see the return of the Mad King yet again this year, as NCSoft has lined up a set of new holiday quests, Halloween costumes, and "lots of other surprises" to go along with the Costume Brawl PvP event and Halloween-themed guild vs. guild battles.  Additionally, players can win score themselves Halloween headwear by playing the Mad King's games in Lion's Arch and Makadan on October 31st.  This event will start on October 21st and run through November 2nd.

Last but not least, Lineage will feature a Halloween event in which players must follow the hints posted on the forums in the run-up to a Halloween Event.  From October 27th to November 10th, players can use the Candle of Reminiscence to reallocate stats and hunt down monsters whose souls can be traded in for Halloween-themed items.


For more information about any ofthese events, you can visit the offcial website for Aion, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, or Lineage.

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