Xbox 360 Fans To Get The First New Vegas DLC October 19, 2010 0

Bethesda Softworks announced today that the Xbox 360 will be the first console to receive DLC for Fallout: New Vegas.


Bethesda wasn't forthcoming as to what form the content will take, although a release date of Holiday 2010 was given.  Judging by what was done with Fallout 3 though, some new mission sets and the eventual ability to further level your character seem like quite a safe bet.  Fallout: New Vegas will be releasing on October 19th in the USA, October 21st in Australia, and October 22nd in Europe.

[Fallout: New Vegas]-$55.75(Xbox 360  Edition), $79.99(Xbox 360 Collectors Edition), $55.75(PS3 Regular Edition), $79.99 (PS3 Collector's Edition), $49.99 (PC Regular Edition), $69.99 (PC Collector's Edition)

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