Bioware announces Free Extra Content With Dragon Age 2 October 14, 2010 0

Limited/Collector's/Signature/Special editions are nearly ubiquitous with AAA releases these day.  The idea is simple: pay some extra money, get some additional content which otherwise wouldn't be available to you.  Bioware is flipping the script a little bit on that theory, offering the Dragon Age 2 Signature Addition to gamers with one slight catch.

The Bioware Signature Edition will come with a full copy of Dragon Age 2 and $20 worth of extra content including a download code for additional characters and missions, a copy of the game's official soundtrack and an in-game armory.  It will also only be priced at $59.99 for the console version of the game and $49.99 for the PC version.  The only catch is that in order to get a copy of the Bioware Signature Edition you must pre-order by January 11, 2011, 2 months before the game's North American release date of March 8, 2011.  After January 11th you will cease to be able to get the additional content for free.


[Dragon Age 2]-$59.99 (Xbox 360 Signature Edition), $59.99 (PS3 Signature Edition), $49.99 (PC Signature Edition), $59.99 (Xbox 360 Regular Edition), $59.99 (PS3 Regular Edition), $49.99 (PC Regular Edition)

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