Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Preview

Matthew Torino October 10, 2010 0

With the massive success that Red Dead Redemption achieved in no small part thanks to gameplay and story, Rockstar has decided to do something a little different with their newest downloadable content for RDR: Zombies. Yes you heard that right: Marston has to now fight zombies.


As you all probably know, in the original gameplay mechanic, you were a gun toting badass who pretty much did what he pleased. The game was fairly rooted in reality as you could do things like hunt buffalo before they became endangered and gun down the bad guys. There weren't really that many "new" concepts, just an improvement on the old tried and true methods. Well this new downloadable content turns that on its head.


In the preview level, you basically just go around lighting coffins on fire with new weapons and kill zombies while doing this. You have to burn all the coffins so new zombies won't spring up but even by that time there are a ton of the undead waiting to take you down.

They really seem to have gone all out with this as they did little things like make headshots much easier kills than body shots. Zombies can apparently take many more body shots than the normal bad guys in the game simply because that's just how zombies are perceived to work.

Rockstar specifically said that this mode doesn't play into the normal story at all so there won't be any bastardization of the older, well done story. This just operates as an extra playable mode that can function on its own.

Rockstar is playing into exactly what their fans wanted and that can only be a good thing for the industry. As long as they don't end up putting in every ridiculous thing they should be all right but even then you still won't have to pay for what you don't want to. This was put in specifically because of fan requests so that should make all of you happy to some degree.

The exhibitors and PR people also wouldn't commit to the idea that this will be the last "out there" thing that they do with downloadable content. Fans may suggest more and more stuff that could eventually be put in. But for now nothing's been announced so just focus on and wait for this potentially excellent addition to an already excellent game.

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