Google Releases Goggles for iPhone

Michael Convente October 6, 2010 0

The Google Goggles app, while still a Google Labs product, is quite an innovation in broad visual recognition software.  Need help translating a menu item in a foreign language?  Want more information and a Google Maps location of a famous landmark?  Want to seemlessly add a new contact entry from a business card?  Simply open up the Google Goggles app, snap a picture, and voila, all of the above problems are solved!  Of course, a separate but important problem is this – the Goggles app is only available for Android (makes sense considering Google wrote the OS code).  That is, until today.

The official Google Mobile blog revealed today that the Google Goggles app will now be available for the iPhone.  Rather than a separate app, Goggles will be included in an updated version of the all-encompassing "Google Mobile" iPhone app already available in the iTunes store.  Goggles will only work for English-speaking users and requires iOS version 4.0+ (the app requires the auto-focusing feature of the camera), but this shouldn't be a problem for users who regularly update their iPhone OS.

Informational video on Google Goggles app for iPhone:

Source: Official Google Mobile Blog

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