Scythe Kro Craft Speaker Review

Patrick Nosker October 4, 2010 0

We at have a good relationship with Scythe.  We enjoy their computer component products and think they're decently made and perform well.  That's why I was confused after I got an email asking me to take a look at their new speakers.  Scythe decided to enter the speaker market with their Version 2 Kro Craft speakers.  After being sold in Japan and Europe, they released them to the USA.  Cool– so how do they stack up?

Unfortunately, Scythe neglected to bring it's Kro Craft Speaker and Amplifier set over to America.  Because the speakers are rated for 20 watts and less, I went out and bought a nice 20 watt T-Amplifier (which is pretty neat itself).  The amplifier I got is rated for 10 watts per channel and with my Kill A Watt, I saw it drawing about 9 watts per channel.  After playing with the Kro Craft speakers for a while, I decided 10 watts per channel is more than enough.  Remember, most receivers list a much higher power than they can provide.  In my own testing, I found my Pioneer receiver which is rated for 100 watts per channel was putting out no more than 20 watts.

The Kro Craft speakers are bookshelf sized, smaller than my Polk Audio R15 speakers but a little bit deeper.  They contain a 25mm soft dome tweeter of unknown composition (it looks like a silk or other fiber composite) and a 100mm "woofer" made of aluminum (but it looks like brass colored aluminum).  The speaker cabinet is strong and sturdy and contains a guided wave reflex structure.  Included is thin speaker wire which is long enough and thick enough to supply these speakers.  

After playing through a few of my standard test songs, I was thoroughly impressed.  I have heard hundreds of speakers and these were definitely on the more balanced spectrum.  I was most impressed with the amount of bass provided.  The reflex structure really seems to work.  Of course, these are small speakers.  They were loud enough to fill my living room (which is modestly sized) and more than enough to make my bedroom sound-filled.

Overall, I am very impressed.  They sound surprisingly similar to my Polk R50's, with less bass.  If I did not know Scythe made these speakers, I would never have believed they were a first attempt at audio.  They would be a set of awesome monitors for a 2.0 computer system.  A set of Kro Craft speakers paired to a cheap T-amp (~$20 on eBay) would crush a set of Bose Companion 2 and possibly the Companion 3 system along with more common brands such as Logitech.  If only Scythe made a computer multimedia set, they might really find a market with these speakers.

[Scythe Kro Craft Version B] – $47.95

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