Sports Gaming Digest 10/3

Matthew Torino October 3, 2010 0

It's been a really long time since the last sports gaming digest since pretty much all the news in the sports video gaming world was known and we were just waiting for the releases. But there have been some developments in our world recently, so let's do it to it after the jump.


In strange news, following NBA Elite 11's delay, there were believed to be no copies given out. Well that was wrong. There are at least two known ones so far. One is being auctioned on eBay as we speak while the other sold on Craigslist for $255. Big price for what we assume is an awful game. All this while EA is supposed to lose $60 million thanks to the delay according to certain analysts.

NBA Jam, according to Pastapadre, is going to be a full retail release this holiday season as opposed to just the download only title that it was going to be when packaged with Elite. This lends more credence to the belief that NBA Elite is in fact being canceled outright.

Also in a final piece of Elite news, EA apparently didn't tell cover athlete Kevin Durant that the game was canceled, Twitter did.

The EA MMA demo was finally released this week. Hopefully we'll have impressions by the end of the week. We also have yet to play the Elite demo, and really only do since the game was canceled. Or maybe just to see Andrew Bynum play Jesus.

THQ is going off the board with their newer games, as they've come up with the idea to bring the price down into the $30-$40 range and then pay for the rest of it with microtransactions. As long as they aren't necessary to the game play, I'm all for it since I've proudly never bought one in any of these sports games. As much as I love the Smackdown vs. Raw series, I'm still not buying special John Cena pants for $.99.

Pastapadre also has an article on pop-up ads coming back into Madden with the newest patch update. While this isn't a big deal to me since I rarely if ever play online, I'm sure there are some of you out there that will get riled up about this.

That's all for this edition but stay tuned to for New York Comic Con coverage next week as well as much more in tech news and maybe even some reviews!

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