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Matthew Torino September 22, 2010 0

Whenever someone's had the experience of playing a first person shooter on a PC, they can tell that all the controls using the keyboard and mouse just work better for that style of game than the console controllers that are essentially made to help out everybody across all genres of games. So Penguin United has taken this idea and ran with it as they've created the EagleEye for PS3 to make your standard keyboard and mouse into something far more deadly.


The EagleEye strives to turn your basic keyboard and mouse, which you can plug into your PS3 with no extra device, into a turbo controller, something that hasn't really been popular since the days of Sega Genesis. There is a "hub" that you hook your keyboard and mouse into that allows you to pick which buttons you want to be "turboed" so that they are hit as fast as possible. It's a great idea, but how is it executed and how's it going to be received by the gaming community?



The first thing you have to know with the EagleEye is that the setup can really be frustrating. This isn't just a plug and play device. You have to run software on your PC to program the hub first which doesn't take long but can be kind of annoying. Obviously in a perfect world you'd be able to just plug it into the hub and play but what this does is allow you to map any buttons on the PS3 controller to any keys you want. You can make "enter" the Start button. You can make the NUM Lock the X button or pretty much anything your twisted little heart will desire. Once you get the software figured out, you're not out of the woods yet.

You have to play with it even more to be able to actually use it in games once the software has been figured out. Playing Modern Warfare 2, it took awhile for the keys to be able to work at all and to get the mouse moving too. I had to play around with it for awhile before eventually getting it to work, but really things shouldn't be that difficult. This should be a plug and play device with the option of mapping certain buttons to certain keys that isn't required. This just seems to make it as complicated as possible for a result that isn't that great honestly.

Don't buy this if you don't play first person shooters. It is just there to mimic what a keyboard and mouse can do on the PC and nothing more. Try playing Madden with this and see what happens. It's a very one dimensional device that is basically only there to allow you to use the archaic turbo features that went out of style with the SNES and Double Dragons. If the device was just a bit simpler, things may be different, but right now if you're willing to put up with the software and having to play with the thing before it'll work, then go ahead and buy it, it's worth it.

But we really have to look at how things like this are going to affect first person gaming. Many people who play online are already exploiting things that are broken within the games to their advantage and then when you combine that with using a keyboard and mouse, things just aren't going to be fair. If you have no qualms with how people are going to perceive you in the online community, then go ahead and buy this because it does do what it's supposed to but just know that you won't exactly be given a laurel and hardy handshake because of it.

All in all, the EagleEye has its problems but does do what it strives to. If you really want turbo or miss using a keyboard and mouse or maybe just both, then go out and get the EagleEye since you really won't do much better.

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