Eutechnyx Details Auto Club Revolution September 14, 2010 0

Every now and again, amidst the deluge of news emails which come into my inbox, I read something really cool which I'm genuinely excited to write about.  Such was the case earlier today when I read what Eutechnyx is planning for their upcoming Auto Club Revolution.


ACR takes a unique approach to racing games in that it is entirely community driven.  Even now, as the game is in development, gamers can vote on which cars and tracks they want to play when the game is released in 2011 by visiting this site.  Then, once the votes have been tallied, Eutechnyx will use a set of detailed specs given to them by over 45 car companies in order to faithfully recreate the cars.  What's more, Eutechnyx has also signed deals with some manufacturers to put pre-production and concept cars into ACR before they hit the street.  ACR will release in early 2011, but voting now will give you access to a closed beta which will launch later this year.


[Auto Club Revolution]-$Free (with premium items)

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