ATi to go by the wayside

Patrick Nosker September 1, 2010 0

We all knew it would come sooner or later.  After AMD's acquisition of the ATi brand, it was inevitable.  The lone brand of the classic GPU era is nVidia.  Gone are the days of 3dfx, S3, Trident, Creative, ATi, and more.  AMD will take over branding for the ATi Radeon series of cards.  Of course, the products will still be designed by the same team.  The cards will just be named differently.

This branding change make sense for the AMD Fusion line.  Just as Intel has its own integrated graphics division, their Centrino requires Intel CPUs and GPUs to be paired.  It's just a little sad to see a brand of 25 years swallowed up and only remnants trickling out.  Anyone remember the 3D Rage?  The All-in-Wonder?  All relics of the past to be remembered as revolutionary concepts in the field of computing.

Goodbye ATi.  Rest in peace.  Your memory will live on.

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