Epic Mickey Collectors Edition Announced

jmaltz@pnosker.com August 30, 2010 0

Disney Interactive announced today that gamers who are interested in proving their Warren Specter love will have the chance to do just that this holiday season with the Disney's Epic Mickey collector's edition.

The collectors edition, which will be available in limited quantities, will include a full version of the game, a five inch Disney's Epic Mickey figurine, a console skin, a controller faceplate, and a behind-the-scenes DVD.  Disney's Epic Mickey has received near universal acclaim, including multiple Best of E3 awards for its innovative style which revolves around combining paint and paint thinner in order to dynamically alter the world around you.  It will be available for Wii this holiday season.


[Disney's Epic Mickey]-$45.99(Regular Edition) & $69.99(Collector's Edition)

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