Sports Gaming Digest 8/27

Matthew Torino August 28, 2010 0

With there being a lull in sports gaming news lately as pretty much everything is known about upcoming games at this point, naturally the 'gest took a break. But post-Madden and pre-NHL we're back with the end of summer edition.


Operation Sports has scored a big interview with NHL and NBA Elite producer David Littman that focuses on NBA Elite 11. They go into why the game went in a new direction following last year's solid effort and how the rebuild will be different than NHL's that launched it into annual game of the year discussion. The best news: NBA Elite is starting from a better point than MVP Baseball and NHL in their rebuilds: they're actually using the foundation from last year's game and then adding new features.

OS has also added a bunch of new HD NBA 2K11 screenshots so that along with the interview should get the blood pumping for the only sports game genre where competition still exists.

With NHL launching September 7th, EA has sent out the review copies to sites and magazines. We're not sure we're getting one since we're on the one-off list whatever that is. But here's a video going over game modes and here's a blog post from EA showing EASHL improvements for the year.

EA's also posted a new producer blog for FIFA that goes over the new Career Mode, a hybrid of the former Be a Pro and Manager modes. This could be the big jolt that the now stale franchise modes in games have been looking for.

THQ's apparently tired of getting cheated by people buying used games and will now be expanding their online pass to their WWE SVR games. THQ "doesn't care" what you all think about this. Probably not the best PR campaign.

Lastly, Game Informer has a humorous look at the Vikings long snapper, Cullen Loeffler, not playing Madden since he has never been in it despite the fact that he's been playing for years. As legendary rat/media scourge Brett Favre said in the piece, "Who the f*** is Cullen Loeffler?"

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