Sports Gaming Digest 8/2

Matthew Torino August 3, 2010 0

For our first edition of the Sports Gaming Digest for the month of August, we have some last minute Madden news to deal with, NCAA fixin's and a little bit of a lot going into the fall gaming stretch.


While the Madden 11 demo didn't really live up to what we all hoped it could be, EA has released the intro video for the game and it doesn't disappoint. I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say this could be the best one ever.

Madden Creative Director Ian Cummings has released a blog response, which can be read here, to the Strategy Pad and GameFlow controversies of the newest Madden. I hated them too as they just seem like useless addtions that either hurt the game with the Strategy Pad or do nothing to enhance it like GameFlow.

EA is also brining in a new addition to the Madden Moments mode. You will now be able to enact certain moments based on the previous week's games if you have an online connection. While the mode was a hit in the past, this could really take it to another level.

2K Sports is responding to the community by fixing the chief complaint of their NBA games: the lack of player control. IGN has a preview you can read here.

EA's releasing a new patch for NCAA 11 that should be ready in a couple weeks. While we're not sure if the dynasty ratings will be fixed, the play action stuck animations and uniforms have been tweaked. Pastapadre has the full information on the patch.

NBA 2K11 will apparently use the Playstation Move as will Tiger Woods 11. Fight Night Champion, despite the obvious uses, will not however.

NBA Jam,only coming out for the Wii as of now, will have past legends as parts of the game. This includes boss battles with foes like Magic Johnson that are reminiscent of 1980s video game boss battles that seem impossible to win according to the producers. Other legends include Larry Bird, Spud Webb and Clyde Drexler among others. ESPN has the full preview.

Backbreaker's also getting a new patch if anyone cares. You can read about it here since I don't feel like talking about such a game.

Stay tuned to to see the next entry in my sports of this generation series, with baseball next, and my upcoming reviews of both the Nintendo DSi XL and Pokemon Heart Gold. Follow me on Twitter @mtorino75 and stay tuned for next week's digest.

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