Obama to be Major Part of Madden Super Bowl

Matthew Torino July 27, 2010 0

In a move that will probably be welcomed by most and frowned upon by a few conservatives, EA has finally done something really innovative with Madden 11: put in the President of the United States. 

Huh? You may be thinking that this seems completely ridiculous but actually makes a lot of sense. You always see teams after they win titles going to the White House and giving a ceremonial jersey to the President. And now EA has that in the game. You see the White House and then all the players lined up with them shaking Obama's hand. It's probably the best post championship celebration ever seen in a video game.

In addition, there is much more exuberance when it comes to the players jumping around and grabbing each other after the win. Gus Johnson will give team specific intros for when any team wins the Super Bowl too. For example, on IGN when the Jaguars won, he talked about the team's problems and potential move out of Jacksonville.

You also get to see a parade through the city after the win, something else that's never been seen before. Drew Brees can be seen amongst other players on a float in the Saints win video.

Here's IGN's video for the Jaguars Super Bowl victory:


And here's the Saints' Victory:


And since we really have crazy imaginations, here's something we've never seen and probably never will:


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