Cayman Islands and some testing

Patrick Nosker July 15, 2010 0

I will be heading off to the Cayman Islands this Sunday to do some research, but while I'm there I will be testing out at least two neat things:

I will take the GoPro Hero HD down very deep underwater, and I will take the JH Audio JH-16 Pro with me, of course, inside its Otterbox 1000 case.  I believe this will be the deepest any JH Audio product will have gone and I am happy to be (hopefully) the first to do it.  Let's see how they sound after 44 extra PSI attempts to crush its case.  I will record the depth and show the case underwater with me with the GoPro Hero HD camera mounted to my head.  Let's hope that it works out well.

I will also be testing two new watches I recently got, along with my trusty favorite Tudor Submariner.  I recently hit up Amazon's gold box deal and got an Invicta Pro Diver Automatic which should be good for 200m under the sea.  I also have a new (but old) Zodiac V-Wolf Quartz dive watch supposedly good to 300m.  Of course, I will also be taking my as of now favorite dive watch, my Tudor Submariner– good to 200m.  I've gone underwater to about 70 feet before with the Tudor and hopefully it will do me no harm again.  While these tests don't really go with the Tech aspects of the site, I will post a quick summary in my blog about them.

While I'm gone, I will be with very limited internet access since I will be on Little Cayman Island (pop ~70) on a rudimentary satellite internet line.  Because of this, I will not have the opportunity to write much and David Boehm, our PC editor, will take over my duties.  I believe he and the rest of our staff have some fun things planned for while I'm gone including a thermal paste shootout, possibly a review of some new speakers from Scythe, and hopefully some gaming peripheral reviews in addition to some console games and other fun things.  Even though I'll be gone, keep watch for more to come.  I'll try to keep in touch with twitter and this blog too!  I have prepared myself to film over 500gb of HD video while gone and when I return will do lots of editing  until I get some nice clips from the GoPro HD Hero to show our readers.  We will also be unveiling our Youtube channel as well after my return where we will feature video reviews as well as test footage.

Until then… enjoy and keep sharing to your friends!

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