Shigeru Miyamoto Starting Work on a New Character? July 2, 2010 0

It is probably safe to say that there are no developers in the Videogame industry that have attained the type of critical and commercial success that Shigeru Miyamoto has.  As such, when the creator of Link, Mario, Donkey Kong, and others speaks, people take notice.  When he teases that he is working on a new character, that is just downright cause for celebration.  With that in mind, put the champagne on ice as Miyamoto appears to be doing just that and many other things.

Speaking at a recent shareholder meeting, Miyamoto stated " I think that next year I can probably deliver something new. I'm still active on the development scene, so please look forward to [my output]. It's been nearly 10 years since I made the Pikmin character, so I feel this is the year where I must at long last make a new character."  Sadly, there was no word as to just how far along in the development process this new character is or even what shape it could possibly take.

Also addressed by Miyamoto was the upcoming Nintendogs title, which he revealed will feature cats as well as dogs.  Speaking about the upcoming title, Miyamoto stated "For Nintendogs, which we announced at E3, cats will appear this time."  Part of this inclusion was due to the fact that Miyamoto had begun taking care of cats over the past year, although he was asked to keep this under wraps by the Nintendo CEO so as to not spoil the upcoming title.

Last but not least, Pikmin was briefly addressed, with Miyamoto saying "Amongst the present promises, I have to finish Pikmin quickly, so production is progressing extremely well", although no more was revealed on the upcoming 3DS game.

Most of the other questions at the Q&A were fielded by Satoru Iwata, although with only a couple of brief statements Miyamoto-san did more than enough to excite gamers all around the globe.  If you can read Japanese, you can check out the full transcript here.


Source: Andriasang

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