Sony To Launch An ‘HD Classics’ Line (UPDATE) June 28, 2010 0

After the success of the God of War Collection, which brought Kratos' first two adventures back in reworked 60-FPS beauty, Sony decided it was a good idea to start mining their old catalog for some games to bring back to next-gen gamers.  First up it was a Sly Cooper Collection, and after that there are rumors of a  Team Ico Collection coming out at some point in the future.  That might not be the end of the PS2 updates though, as the box art from the Sly Cooper Collection reveals that these might be the launch titles in a "HD Classics" line.



Sony hasn't made an official announcement about whether or not this is a one time thing but our guess is not.  Hopefully this means that Sony will be bringing back more of the titles from the PS2-era, lord knows there are plenty to be had.  It is also cool to note that the Sly Collection (full image here) will be move compatible and has previously revealed to support 3D, meaning Sony won't just be slapping some prettier graphics on the games and calling it a day.

UPDATE: In an interview with IGN today Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony's worldwide studios, stated that following "positive reactions from consumers in [creating a God of War collection]" suggestions for similar collections have flowed into the company.  As a result, you can expect Sony to "continue to do these HD conversions".  After this comment, it looks like Sly Cooper and the now confirmed Team Ico Collection won't be the last we see of these HD reboots although Sony is "not ready to announce anything yet."

Source: IGN

Photo Credit:The Sixth Axis

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