Microsoft Inadvertently Confirms $150 Kinect June 22, 2010 0

At E3, there was lots of buzz surrounding the Kinect, however, Microsoft left out one major detail: the price.  There were rumors and speculation for a little bit, and then a bunch of the biggest retailers in America, including WalMart, Amazon, and Target, got together and set the price at $149.99.  However, Microsoft was still mum on an official price.  Today, we got the best confirmation-that-is-not-a-confirmation of the $149.99 price point when the Microsoft store listed the Kinect as such.



This news is especially interesting as it comes the day after reports (per Develop) that the Kinect costs nearly $150 dollars just to manufacture, a fact which is causing more than a little friction within the company.  Still nothing official yet though, but it seems like if you are interested in getting a Kinect this holiday season you can safely stash away one-hundred-fifty dollars and call yourself prepared.

photo: Game Informer


[Microsoft Kinect]- $149.99

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