Kinect Bundles to Be Available? June 21, 2010 0

Over the past couple of days retailers apparently have decided on an MSRP of $149.99 for the Kinect, although Microsoft is yet to officially announce any price point for its newest peripheral.  However, it appears that buying the Kinect solo will not be your only choice, as an internal memo leaked from Microsoft reveals that there will also be Kinect bundles available.


The memo, picked up by Kotaku states that not only would the Kinect be available by itself but it also "part of a bundle with the newly designed Xbox 360 console [presumably the new Xbox Slim]" although "we have no additional details about pricing or retail strategy to share at this time."  This news follows the reported appearance of two Kinect bundles on gamestop, an arcade one for $299.99 and an elite one for $399.99, which, if they did exist, have been taken down as of the time of this writing.  The memo also stated that there would be a $199.99 arcade version of the Xbox 360 Slim will be available in the fall, although no word on what features such a version would have.

In other Kinect news, the price point of multiple Kinect titles, including Dance Central and Kinectimals among others, has been revealed to be $59.99.  So, it looks like more casual Kinect users will still be on the hook for full pricing of their games.

The Kinect releases this November with a price (currently) of $149.99


[Microsoft Kinect]- $149.99

[Kinectimals]- $59.99

[Dance Central] -$59.99



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