Crackdown 2 Demo Launches Today June 21, 2010 0

If you were a fan of Crackdown and can't wait to get to try Crackdown 2 today is your lucky day.  Today Microsoft announced that they would be releasing the demo of Crackdown 2 worldwide via Xbox LIVE. The demo, which features the same sort of over-the-top action as Crackdown will introduce players to some of the newest features for the Crackdown series, including a new campaign, "an inventive sandbox style", and a 4 player co-op mode.  It will also feature the same type of accelerated leveling that was seen in the Crackdown demo, giving you a taste of what your character will play like once he or she has been fully levelled.  What's more, you can earn deffered gamerpoints from playing the demo, which will be granted once you purchase the full version of Crackdown 2.


In conjunction with the demo Microsoft has also created a website:, from which fans can participate in the facebook game "Chuck's Ducks 2"  This game will allow players to earn and activate a daily supply of quackers, sticky explosive devices which would otherwise need to be found, for play in Crackdown 2 in addition to an extra difficulty level in the Crackdown 2 demo. 

Crackdown 2 launches July 6th in the United States and is available on the Xbox 360.  If you pre-order your copy now from participating retailers you will also receive in-game bonus armor in four different colors Gold, Gun Metal, Black and Green.

[Crackdown 2] – $55.99

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