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Patrick Nosker June 21, 2010 0

Well… sorry about the BMW Liveblog not working.  I've had a tough week: My Ultra 850W Power Supply decided to stop working along with my iPhone.  I was planning on covering the BMW event I was invited to on Friday but without an iPhone I couldn't tether.  Instead, I took lots of awesome pictures and some notes and will write up a nice story about it sometime this week.  A few hints as to what's to come from that: The new BMW M3 Competition in Frozen Gray, of which there are only 30 made, the future of BMW's powertrains, the 1-series M car, and more.

I also have a review lined up for the new Gigabyte 890FX motherboard, G. Skill DDR3, a new 2TB hard drive, Grado SR60i headphones, and some other gadgets.  David will be covering an ASRock motherboard and something new from Scythe.  Also in the works for the near future: Another Scythe product, the GoPro Hero HD camera along with a custom underwater case, and of course many more pieces of tech news.

In other news, my 1 year old 850 watt Ultra X3 850W Power supply has died.  Thankfully, the service is decent and I will be getting a replacement sometime this week under warranty.  Also, my iPhone stopped working properly so I sent it into Squaretrade (whom I purchased an extended warranty through).  I got my entire purchase price back in a Paypal payment a couple of days ago so I am just waiting on the arrival of my new iPhone 3GS.  Of course with the news of the iPhone 4 being delayed, I couldn't wait.  I'm still planning on getting an iPhone 4 but who knows how long it will take for Apple to straighten out its issues.

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