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Matthew Torino June 13, 2010 0

While we wait for E3 to start next week and get news from our correspondent Jon Maltz, here is the latest news on all things sports gaming including Madden taking its sweet time, what to expect at E3 and a little NCAA dynasty news.


In Madden news, an EA Sports blog about Madden career modes addresses how franchise and superstar mode will be addressed this year: It basically won't. Phil Frazier acknowledges that things are due for a rewrite in the near future, but that won't be coming this year. So far, only gameplay enhancements have been announced so beyond that, nobody has any idea what else, if anything, will be upgraded in Madden 11. By the way, they still haven't brought all the features from Madden 06 for PS2 over to 360 and PS3. It's just sad at this point. Where's my owner mode?

Could their new focus be online team play? To go along with the EA Canada titles like FIFA and NBA, this feature has been introduced into Madden for the first time. Pastapadre has the info and IGN video here.

The NCAA Football 11 demo will be released for both 360 and PS3 this Monday with four different matchups available, though you won't be able to mix and match teams. They are set up to show contrasting team styles and playbooks, one of the main features of this year's title. The matchups will be Ohio State at Miami, Florida at Florida State, Oklahoma at Texas in a Pac 16 showdown and Clemson at Missouri. Notably absent is defending national champ Alabama, whose fans are rigthly steamed at EA. Kotaku has the info on Bama and the matchups here. The alternate uniforms can also be unlocked in the full game if you download the demo, so get going on Monday.

THQ is releasing a new arcade WWE game soon to capitalize on the license. The Legends of Wresltemania series didn't have much staying power, so THQ is going in the over the top direction. So far, only the Rock and Cena are confirmed. 505 games, publisher of Backbreaker, is also going to relase Supreme MMA, an over the top version of mixed martial arts. Not exactly high expectations for either, though the WWE game could be fun.

In a slightly confusing move, EA has shown signs of Brandon Jennings being the Elite coverman for this year. His Bucks didn't exactly set the world on fire, but EA's made strange choices in the past with Tracy McGrady after an off year and Tony Parker another year. I would have preferred someone like Rajon Rondo, but whatever. They'v also replaced Marv Albert and Steve Kerr with Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson maybe as a term of their ESPN deal.

The Chief of Staff Stephen Strasburg has made it into MLB 2K10 in the latest roster update. His overall rating is an 87, making him the 15th best pitcher in the game, which may be a little conservative.

EA's also released an NCAA blog on recruiting logic. Have fun with this.

In this week's edition of Sony being stupid, they are releasing 20 games this fiscal year in 3D, though nobody has the 3D TV yet. The Show has previously been demoed in 3D, but it's uncertain yet if it will be one of the games. Killzone 3 is the most publicized so far.

That's it for this week's Sports Gaming Digest. Tune in for E3 news from Jon Maltz as well as all your tech news and reviews at

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