Rock Band 3 New Instrument Prices Revealed (With Pictures) June 12, 2010 0

Earlier today we brought you news about the new modes which will be added to Rock Band 3.  Now we bring you a first look at just what some of those new pro instruments will look like, and also how much they’ll cost you when the game releases this holiday season.

First up you have the keyboard, the newest instrument for the Rock Band series.




The picture above is for the Xbox 360 version, although they all look mostly the same.  The keyboard has a full 2 octave range and can either be played on a flat surface or strapped over your shoulder, depending on your preference.  All versions of the keyboard come with a MIDI output connector so they are compatible with MIDI software sequencers and hardware devices.  The keyboard can also be used to pay guitar and bass parts.  You will also be able to separately purchase a keyboard stand. Expect to shell out $79.99 for the keyboard solo, or bundle it with Rock Band 3 for $129.99.

Next up we have the brand new pro guitar.


As you can see from the picture, the pro guitar features six distinct strings and (although it isn’t quite big enough to see) individual buttons along each part of the fret board for each string.  Those are not continuous buttons, but instead a whole bunch (102 in all) of individual buttons.  The guitar will also feature a touch sensitive string box so players can mute or cut off notes.  The Fender Mustang Pro controller will also feature a MIDI output connector and can be used either lefty or righty.  It can also be used in non-pro mode if you just want to have one guitar. Expect to be shelling out $149.99 if you want to play guitar like a pro.

Next up we have the cymbals expansion

The cymbal expansion will allow for differentiation between tom toms and cymbals in pro mode, with one of the cymbals representing the hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbals.  They will also feature enhanced responsiveness and be set on a permanent angle.  Just like the pro guitar, you can use the expansion with the classic Rock Band modes.  There will also be a drum and cymbal kit sold on its own.  No word on the pricing of the latter yet, but the cymbals will run you $39.99.

Finally, for those of you that already have MID keyboards or drum sets, there is the MIDI-pro adapter.

Shown here for the PS3 version of the game, the MIDI adapter will allow you to use your full keyboards or drum sets to play the new Rock Band.  It will connect to your console through a USB wire and converts the messages that your instrument sends out into on screen commands.  If you already have a keyboard/drum set and want to keep using it while playing Rock Band, you’re looking at $39.99 for this adapter.

There are also updates of the classic guitars and upgraded microphones which will be “formally announced in due course”, although it looks like Mad Catz and Harmonix are well on their way to changing how we perceive rhythm based video games.  Hopefully we’ll get a hands on with all these new toys and PRO mode at E3 next week


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